In the spirit of the age of Enlightenment, people all over the world are now examining dogmas and old convictions, due to the failing of our economic-, monetary-, political and social cultural system. The loss of faith in big corporations and the changing beliefs in how people are supposed to thrive together are present everywhere. So: are we on the verge of a ‘new Enlightenment’?


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These creative and critical minds will enlighten you

Thierry Sanders

Over the last 10 years Thierry has been tinkering at how to find alternatives to bank finance to get small businesses financed. His motto is: “Life is too short to do boring things”…

Arita Baaijens

This Dutch adventurer has already completed over 25 desert expeditions on camel throughout Egypt and Sudan. She is the first woman to have crossed the Western Desert of Egypt solo on camel and the first Western woman to have travelled the Forty Days Road on camel twice…

Herman Van Bolhuis

People who work with Herman describe him as a creative entrepreneur, innovator, inspirator and connector. In his work Herman focuses predominantly on future technologies and disruptive developments for people, organisations, cities and society…


March 22, 2015

The Making of our key-visual

This year’s theme is ‘Get EnlighTED’. To promote our event we wanted to have a key-visual with a link to ‘the age of Enlightenment‘. A strong image, that would make people look twice and ask themselves if they’re looking at a photograph or an old painting. … Continued

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